These boots weren't made for walking... When to schedule your Pickup and Delivery order and how to remove pesky oil stains.

October 16, 2022

As a patron of the arts, Laundress Lucca rarely sits idle. Be it an opening, premier, debut, or launch, the parties can run the gamut from lavish and opulent to seedy and severe. On this particular night, Laundress Lucca had a semi-date with Roger Wood, an aspiring attorney at Wozencraft, Santos, and Lee. He worked tirelessly to make Partner and provide some Waspish prestige to the name of the firm.

Roger rated about vanilla on the looks spectrum but took the prize when it came to thrills. He had dazzling green eyes that sparkled when Laundress Lucca walked across the car park from the port-a-potty. Yet, under all his corporate, Brooks-Brother clothing, Roger was a bad boy with an urban edge on weekends. Being prepared and on-the-ready to be picked up on Roger's Ducati, Laundress Lucca sported spiked Helmut Lang Boots, black leather pants, and a white turtleneck with a subtle mink collar. Completing her look, she donned a bad-ass Tom Ford bomber with no pockets or buttons. As for Roger, he completed the vibe in Paul Smith boots, classic 501s, a white tee, and a Vintage WWII bomber worn by his grandfather in the war.

If orange is the new black, and yellow the new orange, one thing is for sure - black is always back!

The launch was for a new sneaker by Louis Vuitton nodding towards San Diego Sequin Skater Culture.


The venue was the basement of the C-Street parking garage downtown. After descending a dark freight elevator shaft to the crypt, the doors opened to reveal a hall of mirrors. The giant candelabra and flame torches put forth the air of an industrial concrete caldron. Basically, hell with a guest list and cover charge. 

Congratulate the theme, or just call it luck, but the haze from the smoke machine and sultry red lighting made guests look devilishly stunning. It's like no one had a bad side that night. Models sporting nothing but LV sneakers and saran-wrap body suits skated and contorted sexily on a makeshift skate-park runway. The sultry waitstaff pushed the signature cocktail - "It's Hot Down Here. "As questionable as that sounds, it was actually a Moscow Mule made with pumpkin spice extract in hammered copper cups. A bit sweet for Laundress Lucca, but with a BRUT floater, it was quite passable, indeed.  

Flipsy Sturdivant. One would assume the name implied ditsy, but it's short for Francine, and her posse calls her Flips. Name aside, she's a highly regarded oceanographer at Scripps. She was recently applauded by the World Oceanography Society for her work in saving glacial Cartialgin species from extinction. Flipsy was a sexy scientist by day, but come midnight, she was frequently found twirling beneath the disco lights. A black leather pant-suit and Christian Louboutin boots completed her ensemble - stunning as always. Just back from a National Geographic survey in Antarctica, she was full of good stories about an endangered Sea Urchin and 3 wild days in Buenos Aires on her return.

Laundress Lucca has strong ties to Argentina and is frequently found frolicking around the Estancia of childhood friends James and Ginny Winthrope. Coming from San Diego originally, they founded a polo training camp in Mendoza which preps underprivileged players for Olympic trials. As if that's not enough, their award-winning winery, Quindado Cellars, competes with the best Malbecs on the globe. Many San Diego restaurants have attempted to add it to their lists, but the coveted swill is by auction only and is licensed through the Mira Mesa Wine Vault at UTC. Still maintaining their home in Rancho Santa Fe, the Winthropes spend July and August here for the Del Mar polo and race seasons. 

His name was Elija James. It never mattered what he wore because he made everything look amazing. Put it this way, it was hard to concentrate on clothing when this adonis took center stage. An eternal student with surfer good looks, he was well known for screwing professors and flunking classes. He was best known, however, for hosting high-stakes poker games on his rooftop in Mission Beach. With his stylish boardwalk mancave, convertible 65 speedster in the carport, and a plethora of sexy girls, he seemed to live the perfect bachelor life. His perpetual source of income was never questioned. Was Elija a professional card shark who liked to surf; or just fortunate enough to have a generous trust? The answer was probably both, but no one cared as long as the ladies were horny, the drinks were cold, and the cocaine free-blowing.  

Leave it to the NBA for support; Lionel Lincoln and his stunning wife Tenesha played host to the kinky, underground crowd. Together with Louis Vuitton, they pledged to match 100% of the evening's proceeds to the Retired Sneaker Federation, which sponsors the group "Sneakers for Feet" in Mozambique. 

The evening became morning. When it was time to head home on the back of Roger's bike, Laundress Lucca noticed the sleeve on her white sweater was covered with engine grease. Evidently, when hanging the helmet, Laundress Lucca brushed against the timing chain, leaving a very unsightly mess.  

Have you ever found a mysterious greasy stain on your clothing at the end of the day? Maybe you grilled out, and ribeye juice splashed on your shirt, or perhaps you were working on the 52 Triumph, and engine oil smudged on you. Or, in the case of Laundress Lucca riding shotgun on a red Ducati whizzing through the streets of San Diego at 4 am. Either way, you need to know how to get grease out of clothing if you intend to rescue your shirt or pants prior to placing your wash-and-fold order from

One of the best ways to remove motor grease from clothing is to treat fresh stains with an absorbent powder like cornstarch or baking soda to soak out the oils. Other effective solutions include applying dish detergent to soak up the oils. Still another effective treatment using dish soap and salt to prevent the stain from setting. WD-40 can also break down the enzymes in some oil stains and remove them from clothing.

The method is as follows: 

1. Lie your clothing flat. 

2. Place an old towel or piece of cardboard under the stain.

3. Apply a dollop of dishwashing liquid to the grease stain.

4. Rub the detergent gently with a soft cloth to saturate the stain.

5. Let the detergent sit for 10 minutes.

6. Wash as usual according to care instructions. 

7. Never toss clothes in the dryer if any of the stain remains.

8. Repeat as necessary to thoroughly remove the stain.

So, the next time you find yourself covered in grease from the grill or grease from your bike, pre-stain your items before sending them in with your pick-up-and-delivery order to

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