Who to contact when you need help with getting that saucy stain out? Pick-up and delivery service is the answer!

October 09, 2022

For those of us who were fans of Whisknladle in La Jolla, we've been without that special contribution to our culinary prowess for over two years now. Blame it on the pandemic, supply chain issues, a hesitant city council, and a constipated planning commission. But, whatever the reason, we must embrace the finished product as well worth the wait. Whisknladle was indeed stylish and had a creative menu with robust cocktails, but the concept had run its course.

Enter Marisi. Are we in Amalfi or Portofino? Capri or Positano? Marisi embraces all those enclaves; only this rendition happens to be in the heart of La Jolla. Never forget the importance of arrival! Upon entering the palazzo, one is met with the familiar aroma of wood smoke mixed with the warm ocean breeze. The overall vibe invokes an intriguing blend of sophistication, liveliness, and romance. With a number of architectural elements that command attention and are worth mentioning are an expansive and bright sunlit patio, a giant tiled Italian hearth, sweeping coved ceilings, and high arched walkways dabbled with frescoes. However, some of the more subtle details are what influence its charm the most, like the vintage art prints, mosaic bar top, and custom wall decor.


Never one to be outshined, Laundress Lucca joined inner circle gal-pal Tess Testosterone for lunch and afternoon chit-chat. Laundress Lucca sported a very short-and-smart canary yellow vintage skirt, Ferragamo heels, and a bag by Cloe, while Tess wore her signature look: dark skinny jeans, cowboy boots, a crisply starched white cotton shirt, and a snugly fitted tweed sport coat by Ralph Lauren. Throw in an orange Birkin bag, and you've got a very composed look for early fall. Tess was shopping for a new rug for the foyer of the beach house in Carmel with designer Calder Sinclair, who also did the guesthouse in Aspen. Calder was planning to join them but had to run to an emergency drapery fitting at Betsy Darling's Muirlands spread. Those seamstresses must work hastily because the Darlings are hosting the San Diego Botanical Society gala in November. Two years in a row, Betsy has been the honorary chair, and if rumor has it, she'll be de-throned in 2023. There are many a La Jolla socialite ready to pounce on the coveted position. Story has it that Jaques Piret is the caterer and will be donating 100% of the food for the event. Nice gesture, or just a run from bad karma? Last year Jaques was quoted in the Union as actually making a profit on the Jewel Ball Bash, which theoretically raises money for the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the patio, hair-dresser, Neal Cravits, noshed on Chantilly sweetbreads with Jenni Tang before their standing 3pm appointment. Neal washes and styles that mangy-mane every week, yet Jenni's doo still looks like doo. On second glance, Jenni's eyelids looked particularly surprised to see Laundress Lucca and Tess Testosterone. Given that we hadn't seen Jenni in three months, perhaps that surprised look was aided by a nip-and-tuck or two. We've got to give Jenni credit where credit is due. Unlike so many blue-bloods who disappear for a few months and come back with a new face, new tummy, and perky boobs, Jenny staggers the procedures to just a few a year, so she never looks Halloween scary, just relaxed and refreshed. 

As the third bottle of Pinot Grigio was corked by the waiter, who got better looking by the moment, Laundress Lucca shared her snippets from the Queen's funeral and London rendezvous with Toby Metro. Tess, on the other hand, was far more intrigued by the American Wagyu carpaccio and the peach and balsamic burrata, both of which were stellar. For the main, Tess had a delectable lamb chop with cherries, chanterelle mushrooms, chard, and a balsamic jus. Laundress Lucca ordered the Scampi. 

Word to the wise - Don't get campy while dining on Scampi! As your hand gestures become more dramatic with every sip, that creamy, garlicky sauce is oily and quite prominent when splotched on a canary yellow skirt. That one innocent and sloppy bite calls for an emergency clothing intervention upon returning home. Once the stain is lifted, per the instructions below, it's time to add the garment to your weekly pick-up-and-delivery order with


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How to remove garlic cream sauce from a tight yellow skirt;

We are taught not to cry over spilled milk, but that doesn't mean you should ignore the stains. Milk, cream, and whipped cream are all made of liquid protein. The protein, as well as the fat, are the reasons cream can stain clothes and more. Not only can a cream stain - especially an old cream stain - be difficult to remove, but it can also leave a very foul stench of rotten milk.

1. Immediately blot up as much of the garlicky cream as possible with a white cloth or paper towel. Never rub or scrub the stain, as that can work the cream deeper into the fibers and make it harder to remove. Also, don't expose the stain to heat (such as a clothes dryer), as this sets the stain.

2. Always check the manufacturer's label before cleaning cream off any fabric. If the spill is on dry clean only fabric, blot up as much of the liquid as possible, and then dab with a clean cloth dipped in plain cool water. Then, as soon as possible, head to the dry cleaners and point out the stain.

3. Back to home remedies: flush the cream from the fabric with cold water. There are two options. The best option is to hold the stain directly under running cold water with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. This forces the protein solids out of the fibers, which helps to get the smell of cream out of the fabric. If you can't hold the fabric under a faucet, flood the stained area by blotting with a cloth dipped in cold water.

4. Soak the garment in cold water mixed with a bit of heavy-duty laundry detergent for at least 30 minutes. Then, give the stain a light scrub with a soft-bristle brush before tossing it in the washer for a complete-cycle wash. Before putting the garment in the dryer, check the area to see whether any stain remains. If there are any traces of the mishap left, do not dry the clothing and, instead, move to the following step.

5. Mix together a soaking solution of cool water and oxygenated bleach like Oxiclean. Follow the package directions to mix the solution. Then, completely submerge the stained item in it, allowing it to soak for at least eight hours. Check the stain. If it is gone, wash the garment as usual; if it remains, mix a fresh batch of solution and repeat the process.

5. Wash the cream-stained clothes as soon as possible, and as recommended on the care label, using a heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent. Air-dry the garment and then check to make sure the stain is completely gone. Repeat the process if necessary. Do not put stained garments into the dryer as the heat can set the stain, making it harder to remove and, in some instances, permanent.

And as lunch turned into dinner, it was time to finish nibbling Tartufo di Pizzo and swizzle down the last few sips of Grappa. Right as they were walking out, in came Frankie and Bunny Stone. They were there for an early dinner before heading to the premiere of "You're Only Straight Once" at the La Jolla Playhouse. Frankie boasted about his new clubs while Bunny complained tirelessly about her botched weekend retreat in Ojai. Evidently, there was a mix-up with the reservation. Bunny was forced to stay at the Streetside Inn instead of the Ojai Valley Ranch, where her guests were staying. Needless to say, the Stones will never again cross the threshold of Ojai Valley Ranch. Bunny was so upset she canceled her daughter Irene's wedding reception on the spot and moved it to the El Encanto poolside. For those of us that will be attending Irene's wedding in June, El Encanto is by far the preferred choice. In the eyes of Laundress Lucca and Tess Testosterone, Bunny's misfortune turned out to be a blessing for two tragic party girls just headed home from lunch.

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