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July 20, 2022

Our magnificent mascot, Jack, is a regular at the local Dogomat in Ocean Beach. And being the pampered pooch that he is, he's bathed, trimmed, and basically doted over by his favorite furry crush, Miss. Gigi Gabor. Gigi can always be seen sporting a pair of snips and a hairdryer - the tricks of her trade. Rumor has it, Jack and Gigi occasionally meet outside the salon for a very personal playdate. With Jack loving the beach, the lake, and the pool, Gigi has a lot of work on her paws, keeping him looking his handsome best. Miss Gigi also frequents her additional salons in El Cajon, La Mesa, Linda Vista, and right down the street from the University of San Diego, USD. Each location just happens to be conveniently situated near Pacifica-Laundry, where Jack spends a fair amount of his time.

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Miss Gigi has a weekly subscription for pick-up-and delivery scheduled with It's a wonderful service for her towels and pet bedding. Miss Gigi is a stylist, not a laundress, so the time-saving, pick-up-and-delivery service allows her to focus on her trade. Rather than doing loads of laundry, after a long day of work, she's free to let her hair hang down and frolic. As a result, her business is thriving because she has time to focus on what's important - customer service and pet grooming. 

Did you know Pacifica Laundry has several machines dedicated just to pet bedding and towels? We never wash our canine laundry with our people laundry, nor do we ever combine loads from one order with those of others. Pet salons are just one of the many commercial accounts we cover. We also work with hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, doctor's offices, and the Airbnb industry. We service most of San Diego County, and our service is available in Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Balboa Park, as well as downtown San Diego. In the near future, we will be adding Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and La Jolla to our service areas. Look for Laundress Lucca's future posts reporting on these vibrant and enchanting San Diego neighborhoods. 


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