Don't let that mishap stain your summer fun! How to remove mustard from clothing or upholstery.

July 30, 2022

Beaches, lakes, and pools - oh my! No matter which direction Laundress Lucca turns this time of year, there is yet another outdoor adventure in the making. This particular post is based on an accident that recently happened at a pool party, and I believe everyone can relate to this specific scenario. While chicken, ribs, and steaks on the grill are a definite favorite, there are times when all you want is a burger and an old-fashioned hot dog. Don’t let your frank be the vehicle. Here is where the trouble begins.

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How to remove mustard stains from a t-shirt or other fabrics.

In addition to being one of America’s favorite condiments, mustard is also amongst the most stubborn stains to remove. Mainly because of its high turmeric content that’s responsible for coloring the fibers of your clothes. The most important thing to remember when dealing with a mustard stain is not to let it set in. Otherwise, there’s a pretty big chance that you’ll have to soak your mustard-stained item in cold water with some color-safe bleach before you can move on with the rest of the stain removal process.

To make sure you get every last particle of mustard off your garments, clothing, or upholstery, you will need to:

1. Act Fast
2. Have a dull knife or a spoon in hand
3. Use a high-quality laundry detergent

Below, Laundress Lucca tells us how to remove mustard from your washable and non-washable fabrics in five easy-to-remember steps.

1. Blot the fresh stain with a paper towel. On dried mustard stains, scrape with a fork, a spoon, or a dull knife. Turn the piece of garment inside out and rinse with cold water.
2. Pre-treat the stain. Pour liquid detergent directly onto the stain and help spread the detergent into the fibers of the garment by either using a soft-bristled toothbrush or gently rubbing the fabric.
3. Blot the stain. Dampen an absorbent white cloth with water and gently blot the excess laundry detergent while making light strokes in an outward motion.

4. Using a clean cloth and a bit of water, absorb and blot away any remaining detergent suds from the treated area.
5. Dry. Allow items to air-dry rather than in the dryer as the intense heat will set the stain permanently.

So, you’ve followed these steps to a T, yet that pesky yellow streak is still as visible as ever? Indeed, mustard stains can sometimes prove challenging to remove. In that case, Laundress Lucca recommends taking advantage of the pick-up-and-delivery service. If you identify the garment and stain on your order form, we will tackle the problem and make sure the fabric stays undamaged.

Removing mustard stains with vinegar.

One of the most popular DIY methods when it comes to mustard stain removal includes the use of white vinegar in the process. First, mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and apply the solution to the stain with a spray bottle or a clean cloth. Next, let the mixture sit on the stain for 10 minutes, then blot with a damp towel. Finally, place the garment inside your washing machine, and run it through your usual cycle using the hottest wash temperature indicated on the clothing’s fabric care label. Although vinegar is a less powerful and reliable stain remover than detergent, its unique chemical properties and inexpensive price make it a common choice against persistent mustard stains.

As the season unfolds, stay tuned for more adventures from Laundress Lucca. So far this summer, she’s covered cigarette smoke removal, sunscreen removal, and now the elimination of our favorite yellow accouterment. Next week, gal pals Laundress Lucca and Terri Cloth head to Montana for a fishing trip.

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