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May 21, 2022

After our trinket shopping, we accidentally fell into The Hills Pub for our final drinkie poo of the evening. Or at least it should have been the last one. The Hills Pub serves elevated grub and pub food along with a menu of burgers and tacos in a rustic but chic atmosphere, Laundress Lucca ordered a signature cocktail called Puff The Magic Dragon, which is Don Julio Blanco tequila, lime, agave, dragon fruit with soda, and black lava sea salt on the rim. What a delightful and powerful blend of boozy deliciousness. Miss. Cloth ordered a concoction called I Did It All for the Cookie, which is Empress gin, lemon, sugar, and meringue cookie with a champagne float. Picture icebergs floating on an ocean filled with bubbly. Let’s just say we are fans of the pub and will be returning soon.

Thank God for The Trolley – while La Mesa actually has a trolley museum, it was closed by the time we finished our pub crawl downtown. After our ditsy banter about how to get home, we were able to take the Trolley and come back the following morning to pick up my car. And, just when we thought we were home free, we stumbled upon a Pajama Brunch at The Hills Pub. Déjà vu, it was like we never left. We had no problem playing the part, donning our swanky skivvy’s. 

Let’s just say we had a wonderful time, and we are thrilled to welcome La Mesa to the family. We look forward to serving you and further delving into all things La Mesa as we do.

And while we are on the subject of Pajama Brunch, let’s take a moment to analyze the chosen attire – skivvies. Dictionaries define a skivvy as an old English term to describe a female domestic servant. Though most of us regularly use the word to describe male undergarments, does anyone really know where the word comes from and what its relevance is to our “unmentionables”? It’s not an easy riddle to crack, but let’s take a stab at it with the help of Urban Dictionary. 

Skivvy is someone who ‘skives’ (skips or misses) a lesson or event: “Gurl, you missed the Louis Vuitton show at Salk Institute, you ‘skivvy’ queen.

Skivvy is a description of an unaltered human male apparatus: “I’ve always preferred helmets until I met Jimbo’s skivvy.”

Skivvy is a long-sleeved t-shirt. “Poor taste is no excuse for wearing that vulgar-looking skivvy.

Skivvy is nothing more than slang for undies and swimwear. “Those tight skivvies work wonders in magnifying his apparatus.”

So really, no concrete definition other than slang. Crystal clear, I’m sure.  

The important thing to note is that we are well versed in taking care of your “drawers” at We offer in-store wash & fold, where you bring it into the laundromat and pick it up at the laundromat. So, after all, why lug it all the way down to the laundromat when you can take advantage of our fluff and fold pick-up and delivery for the very same price? That’s right! We charge $1.95 per pound for both drop-offs at the store or pick-up and delivery at home; from the convenience of your doorstep. Why do we offer the service for the very same price? Because it is much more efficient to send our van to pick up 10 orders than to have those 10 people all driving separately to the laundry. It’s a cleaner and less wasteful approach that saves energy and the environment. So take back your time and do your part to help the planet.

To take care of those skivvies, we always separate darks, lights, and whites. At your request, we will wash your tighty-whities in hot water and the rest of your undies (the next best thing to going commando; boxers) in cold to avoid fading, bleeding, and shrinkage. It’s time to take control of your time, just like you take control of your skivvies, and use our service in Clairemont and Allied Gardens. We are excited to offer a service that actually takes the stress away from your day-to-day routine. Place an order today!  

Before we close the subject on skivvies, it’s always interesting to understand the history. The word skivvy was not introduced into slang until the 1930s. So just take a look at the changing styles and the transformation of the male body through the decades. 



We know what Laundress Lucca prefers; body pride!

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