Another day in San Diego!

May 02, 2022

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A significant phenomenon about this time of year is, of course, the longer days. On the one hand, you have time before and after work to enjoy daylight activities. On the other hand, we usually pack so much into that additional daylight we once again fall short on time for domestic chores like laundry. Go on, take that early morning run or go to your favorite neighborhood haunt for a leisurely cup of coffee. Enjoy it! It’s light out! Many people cherish this morning time to be their favorite as you can witness the sunrise and absorb all the freshness of a new day. And on the flip side, you might have time in the evenings to eat dinner on your patio instead of inside the house. Or, better yet, this time of year inaugurates the numerous outdoor concerts spread throughout the county. Downtown San Diego and the Embarcadero have fantastic venues with the bay and skyscrapers framing the backdrop. Whatever your morning or evening indulgence might be, get outside and leave the laundry to us. 

I have to admit, when I have allowed laundry to pile up, it creates anxiety and only adds to the stress of an already busy day. Remember, our goal this time of year is to get out of the house and enjoy all of the outdoor activities. And, when I’m headed out for that morning coffee or out to that fantastic concert in the evening, I feel guilty every time I step over the expanding mound of dirty clothes. I’m not going to lie, it affects my overall enjoyment of other activities, and it shouldn’t be like that. Perhaps, the best way to combat the guilt and anxiety of unperformed domestic chores would be to wash one load of laundry per day if you have an at-home machine. Then, factor in a wash time of 35 minutes and an additional 45 minutes for drying. And of course, don’t forget the 10minutes more for folding and putting away. In that scenario, you are looking at 1.5 hours per day doing laundry. However, if you are like most people, you wait until Sunday afternoon. At that point, you have accumulated 7 loads of laundry! Using the equation above, that stacks up to be 10.5 hours!

Really take a moment to ponder what you can do in 10.5 hours. For an exceptional occasion, you could fly from San Diego to San Francisco; and indulge in a stylishly delicious lunch at some to-die-for new and trendy hotspot. Immediately after, slip into a matinee of Moulin Rouge and still have time for a couple of smart cocktails on the way out of town. You might even meet a cute and charming stowaway if you are lucky. Not that we can afford such extravagance on a regular basis, but it certainly puts into perspective how much of our lives are consumed with doing laundry. With a weekly recurring pick-up-and-delivery subscription from, you can choose the day you want your laundry picked up. We take the entire headache out of your hands and return your linens clean, folded, wrapped, and ready to be stowed neatly away. And all you need to do is simply bring your dirty laundry to your front porch. 

Hey, did you know that laundry is probably the original domestic chore? Adam and Eve had to clean that loincloth and the animal skins they wore long before taking out the trash, doing dishes, or mowing the lawn. 

Doesn’t every business need a mascot? Our mascot at Pacifica Laundry is our wonderful companion Jack. He’s a feisty 21-pound Tibetan Terrier who is sure to delight. He’s hypoallergenic, so no shedding or annoying allergies. He likes to ride shotgun during deliveries, and he always appreciates a good doting. 

Another thing I like to do this time of year is head to the beach in Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs, Mission Bay Park, and Ocean Beach. Did you know Ocean Beach has the largest off-leash dog park in San Diego County? Jack always loves a good romp with fellow canines on the beach, followed by a refreshing swim. Not a lot of people appreciate the water temperature this time of year. Still, you can undoubtedly enjoy the fresh air and that wonderful feeling of sand between your toes. I have a collection of “dog towels” we use after a bath or a swim. Those towels get muddy and stinky and still need to be washed, dried, and folded. With Pacifica Laundry’s available services, you can use one of our large in-store machines or, better yet, enjoy our pick-up-and-delivery service. 

Isn’t this the time of year we determined we need to be outside flaunting all the outdoor things we love? So just think how you should still be at the park, or better yet: attending a beer bust at one of the many gay bars in Hillcrest, North Park, and University Heights. Don’t be shy. The Tribe doesn’t bite!

And speaking of GAY PRIDE, in preparation for all the June festivities, I always like to do an inventory of my obligatory décor. You know, the kitschy rainbow pencils, coffee mugs, throw pillows, and hand towels. Just like any other major holiday, I like to freshen the décor and prime my home for the month-long extravaganza. I have a collection of flags that I hang from my balcony and front porch. Quite frankly, they had become very dirty and tattered while they were out spreading their glee from the prior year. A good washing is definitely in order before I get them out for another year of service. There is nothing like the pride of coming home to a neat stack of folded flags and towels, ready for their showy and colorful debut. There is no better way to don your pride presentation than with your clean items washed, neatly folded, and ready to go. Take back your time so you can enjoy the many dances, concerts, and parades of the season. But remember, most importantly, we are not just gay in June. 

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