Although it's been said to be a sign of 'good luck' ... if bird poo gets on you, we can help!

July 16, 2023

June is a special month for Nan and Stan Liebowitz when Father's Day calls for their annual golf tournament on the links at Del Mar Country Club.


2023 Blog Del Mar Country Club


Best known for their thoroughbreds and matching outfits


2023 Blog Matching Outfits Pic


Nan's chaired the event forever. While fathers are the honored guests and the reason for the season, the party is really about Nan and her latest nip-and-tuck reveal. One more facelift, and she'll have a beard! All that money and pampering and she still has a mustache. As for the new body, she looked like a Zeppelin stuffed in a condom. A bit like trying to get toothpaste back in the tube, if you will. Cattiness aside, Nan is an icon when it comes to throwing a tournament. And while cocktails are poured at every hole, it's the post-party at the "19th Hole Clubhouse" where all the fun begins. Leave the birdies, bogies, and bunkers behind. Replace your divots, tip your caddy, and ditch the foul language. Make an emergency wardrobe change, and you're all set to go. So successful was the event it raised over $600k for the Big Father and Little Brothers League of San Diego. 

On the attendee list were Lucy and Vick Brigantine. While the fortune comes from their restaurants (www.Brigantine.comit's the prawns, oysters, and clams that pay for Lucy's side hustles.


2023 Blog Oysters
2023 Blog Dining View


The big announcement is that Wednesdays are now half-price wine days.


2023 Blog Wine Golf 1


Lucy's latest gig was the launch of her new fragrance: Penetrer, with the tagline, "the scent that lingers longer than he does". A bit pungent for most, but Neiman Marcus debuted it, and VOGUE deemed it the "It Fragrance" of 2023. 

Holding court on the patio was Madeleine Crossman. An artist and socialite, She's stoic and intimidating, grand and mysterious. Hi-low bohemian is her wardrobe style accessorized with exotic African tribal jewelry emblazoning her canvas caftan. It's Lily Tomlin meets Zimbabwe Safari Chic. It's quite a look, but she's the master of it. She was discussing her latest retrospective of "work she has yet to do". Look forward to Lucca's blurb on the opening party set for late July. 

A subtle nod to her Scottish roots, Laundress Lucca rocked the course in white Armani Knickers, a navy and white vested Versace sweater, and matching Argyle socks. 


2023 Blog Outfit Argyle 1


One might not associate this with a leisurely day on the course, but it's quite common for not just grass stains but the pesky grease from the swans and other fouls that make golf courses their home. Although it is regarded as "Good Luck", it is never a pleasant experience. Whilst you are focused on making par, a bird poops just at the right time as it's flying way above and lands on your lovely YSL. While the poor bird was suffering from gastrointestinal distress, you just became the recipient of its latest meal.   

Bird poo, from a cleaning perspective, is a funny substance in that it's one of the few stains that isn't best treated right away (mud and ink are two others that fall into that category). Cleaning dried glops is going to be a far easier and more successful task than trying to clean it while it's fresh. Now, hopefully, most of you out there won't find yourself splattered in pigeon guano, but at some point along the way, most of us will be crapped on by some sort of winged creature. Knowing how to remove bird shit will come in handy. 

The Laundress shares the following: 

1. Never try to remove the bird poop until dry - Removing when wet will only leave a bigger mess sullying the fabric even more. Once the bird poop has dried, the first thing to do is to scrape or pry it off the fabric. You can use your Platinum American Express card for this. Next, give the spot an initial go-over. Using a warm, wet cloth, take a few passes at the spooge to get the worst of the mess out of the way. 

2. Wait until completely dry - if you are lucky, it may peel off in one piece. However, if you are still left with some more minor spots, grab that credit card. 

3. Still a light spot after the dried poop has gone? - simply wipe or pat the spot with a clean damp cloth for a few minutes. Using a non-lint cloth such as microfibre means you will not be left with unsightly lint fibers. 

4. Leave to dry for a few hours - You will be amazed at the results. The marks should have disappeared, leaving the incident a distant memory!

Remember - Always check the manufacturer's care label before proceeding ahead with any cleaning. Once the spot is removed, it's time to assemble your weekly subscription load for So convenient is the service that you simply just walk your clothes out to the front porch, and you've done your part. The rest is up to us!

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